A Little Bit ‘Me’

Hey… So you want to know about the person behind all those awesome posts you just read! Well, read on 🙂

I’m a killer Engineer based out in India, whose imagination has got no boundaries and is so hard to contain within. In spite of the fact that I toil daily from 9 am to 7 pm, most often I would want to do more, like something different from others, something more painstaking, something that gives a sense of achievements; my Utopian Dreams are countless. I used to end up so confused and frustrated that I drop everything including things I could actually do (discard the want part altogether).
It started to dawn on me that in reality, what I actually do on a daily basis is, build up the “Great Wall of Ideas” during the day and then demolish it completely by night, I was feeling kind of miserable, terrible and horrible. I felt like I am just living like a dead vegetable.

Then I met Her, a tiny little being who kept telling me, ‘wake up, wake up, you can do it’. That tiny voice made me see more Utopian dreams – newer, fresher, brighter. The difference from the dreams I used to have before was that I was not just seeing them, I could actually feel I was being a part of it. I was doing something, well like writing this blog, realizing things which I had deemed impossible to achieve. The tiny voice has instilled in me a confidence, a belief that I can make all (well some) of it true through this ‘An Engineer’s Utopia’
Let me give my tiny voice a well deserved appreciation – she is my very own ‘Deja vu’…

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