A Little Bit ‘Me’

I’m an Engineer and trust me, a very good one! I toil hard all day along to earn my bread. Outside of work, I always wanted to do more, like something different from others, something more painstaking, something that gives me a sense of achievement; my Utopian Dreams are countless. I used to build up the “Great Wall of Ideas” during the day and then demolish it completely by night, I was feeling kind of miserable, terrible and horrible. I used to feel like I am just living like a dead vegetable until I met Her.

I met Her, a simple and innocent being who came into my life and changed it for the better. She kept encouraging me, helping me realize my potential. She made me see more Utopian dreams – newer, fresher, brighter. The difference between the dreams I used to have before and now is that I am not just seeing them, I could actually feel I am being a part of it. I was doing something, well like writing this blog, realizing things which I had deemed impossible to achieve. She instilled in me a confidence, a belief that I can make most of my dreams true through this ‘An Engineer’s Utopia’
Let me give Her a well-deserved appreciation – she is my very own ‘Deja vu’…


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