I too am a Writer (literally)

I am a Writer. I am a Writer. I am a Writer.

Think that I am boasting? Feel like am making it up?

Feel like questioning me? Think that I can’t prove it?

What if I say, I have solid proofs to support my claims; I bet you will eventually have to agree (or prove me wrong). It’s a bet, only one side wins this game.

Let me present my claims and objective evidence to support it. If I google for the term ‘Writer’, search results gives me the following definition – ‘a person who has written something or who writes in a particular way.’

Now this definition has 2 parts –

Part 1 – a person who has written something

Part 2 – who writes in a particular way

Now, to prove myself as a writer, I need to provide evidences to support these parts. (A bit tough, well let me try…)

If you have read till here which you definitely have (else you wouldn’t surely be knowing what I have written), you know I have written something to read (some words, sentences, paragraphs…). That’s part 1 of the definition being ticked. And even though it wouldn’t have made any/ much sense about what have I written or what you are reading, I can claim it to be my so called writing style – I write in a particular way. That’s the second part of the definition being successfully covered. There, I gotcha!

By proving both parts of the definition, I hereby declare that am entitled to be called a ‘Writer’.

And on a later note:

The 2 parts of the definition is glued together by the conjunction ‘OR’ which means I needed to satisfy either part 1 or part 2 to be a ‘Writer’. But I have satisfied both the parts; does that mean I could get a title like ‘Duo Writer’, ‘Dyad Writer’ – hmmmn…I need to find evidence for that too. My mission continues…


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