The Plight of a Newbie Blogger

I am quite sure it’s pretty much easy to guess the content of this post from the title as it just contains 3 moderately simple words the definitions of which I have added below:

Plight – a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation.

Newbie – an inexperienced newcomer to a particular activity.

Blogger – a person who keeps and updates a blog.

This post is all about me, the ‘newbie blogger’ references to me and the ‘plight’ is what I am going through right now, at this very second. Now that I have shared the summary of this post, please read on to know all about it in detail.

As you all know, I created a blog hardly two month back i.e. I registered myself for a domain with free plan and then I transitioned into a newbie blogger with my first post. Just a post old and I wanted traffic into my blog. I needed people to find my blog through searches and clicks and read my posts. Day and night, I kept on pining for my blog to appear in google search tabs but sadly it didn’t come up anytime.

The next step I took was sending links to literally everyone in my contacts, please read my blog and give me some clicks and please keep publicizing it. I even shared it publicly on my Google + profile and other social media sites and even asked some of my contacts to do the same. I kept adding some more posts and sending links one after other to the same contacts. I am not sure whether my contacts who got the links over and over again felt it a little annoying or my posts less interesting, but that’s their story to tell.

Now I wanted my blog to look fantastic, the very best any blog could look. In fact, I had limited themes to make my blog look that way, but I tried each and every theme that was free in WordPress to find the ‘One’. I just believe or tend to believe that look also matters, doesn’t it. So I picked up the current theme and did all customizations, changing titles, taglines, fonts, colors, backgrounds, widgets etc. I even added a self-designed logo. I spend hours and hours in just beautifying my blog, narrowly to suit my taste and broadly for all my visitors so that they find it pleasing enough while they read.

Even after all these Herculean tasks, my blog stats (statistics – number of times my blog was clicked on) didn’t cross 100. I felt sad, kind of depressed, not knowing what to do. I have fought with the entire armoury in my possession yielding no results. My focus shifted to bringing my blog on google search, I thought if my blog was found in searches, it could bring me more hits and clicks and likes and comments and followers and ….

Slowly and steadily, the hits crossed 100 and appeared on google searches. I was enthralled. I started spending more time in seeing my blog stats, where are my visitors from, USA, India, UK, Slovenia, Taiwan, Australia…I wanted followers, there was hardly anyone following my blog, even the contacts to whom I had sent the links initially. I was heartbroken; I thought I will manually add their e-mail id so that they will be added as my followers. Well, to my bad luck, WordPress sends an email asking for confirmation which no one clicked and I dropped this useless idea.

Then I got my first follower and then another. It was no one from my contacts or anyone I knew personally. I felt elated; someone actually visited my blog and took the pain to follow it. I decided to return the favour, to follow them back. When I saw their blogs, I noticed that they had a huge following – above 200+ followers and huge number of clicks – 18000+. 2 extreme thoughts conquered my mind at that second – 1, such big people found my blog (hurrah!) and 2, will I ever reach to such heights (alas!).

I then decided to see what blogs people read, what people like. I googled and googled for best blogs and best posts and read a number of posts to understand what people wrote about so that I could also try something like that, my aim being to get more visitors. There were lot of topics; there was a blog or post for virtually everything under the sun. People read and liked different things. I also liked a number of posts and blogs. Some of them were so good and so well written that I kept asking myself, are my posts a necessity,  if so how am I going to make a difference, how could I shine as a needle in the haystack so that I could be found, or do I need to get rid of all my Utopian dreams about blogging…the answer to which I am still searching for. For the time being, I am continuing my blogging with yet another (this) post 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Plight of a Newbie Blogger

  1. Hello Gopi
    Glad that you’ve made your research. Keep your blog content centric and keep posting regularly. You’ll eventually get followers. Happy writing 🙂


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