It was late, not very late…

It was late, not very late but it was later than my usual working hours. It was raining, not very much but more than what can be called a drizzle. I was hurrying out, not because I was scared or anything but I didn’t want to stay any longer. It was dark, not very dark like every night but the moon and the stars were missing making it feel darker than usual.

It smelt of soil, not the usual smell that I used to hardly notice but this smell emanated from the freshly dug out pit in the ground. It smelt of blood, not that I identify blood smell but this was too strong to ignore. The pit seemed odd, not because it was getting filled with the rain drops but it seemed to have changed its shape from what I had noticed in the daytime. I chose to ignore, not because I didn’t care but I didn’t want to stop behind and investigate.

The shape of the pit made no sense, not because now it seemed 6 feet long and the size of a coffin but it was dug for waste disposal. I felt shaky, not because I was scared about the pit but I couldn’t move forward as my limbs failed to progress. It was scary, not because no one was around, but I could spot someone moving out of that pit. I didn’t scream out loud, not because I was too brave, but my voice seemed to have got stuck in my throat.

The tall dark figure moved towards me, not like a human being but as a beast dripping in blood, water and mud. It stretched out its hands towards me, not because it knew me but it wanted me closer to it. It touched me on my hand, not in a gentle way but in the most coldest and creepiest way I have ever been touched. It send a chill down my spine, not because it was scary or it was cold but because blood had started draining out of my hands by now.

I knelt in front of the figure, not out of respect for it but my legs had started losing its strength and stability. I looked up at the sky, not in prayer or reverence but I didn’t want this disgusting figure to be the last thing I see while my soul departed from my body, or so I thought…


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