A Whatsapp Discussion on Rare Baby Girl Names

Disclaimer: Please read the following before you scroll down any further:

1) This is an exact replica of a real-time chat in Whatsapp between me and my friend

(Well, I have got the permission to reproduce it here as it is, with negligible variances though)

2) Since it took place in real-time and the thoughts behind it were spurs of the moment, it is advised not to expect any high quality imaginative contents.

3) This conversation took place between Guy and Gal.

<Topic of Discussion – Rare Baby Girl Names>


Gal (online)  

Guy (online)

Gal: How’s that book you are reading? (The Arabs: A History [Eugene Rogan])

Guy: Perfect! It talks about 20 years past to present, Israel, Bush etc

Gal: There’s a reason why I like Israel. I used to like this name, Isra, for a girl.

Guy: Oh!

Gal: I like tough rare names for girls. No one else in the world should have that name.

Guy: Hmmmn…Now what do you like?

Gal: Donno

Guy: Don’t know? Name ah. Nice. It will be very rare. Don’t know 

Gal: I am trying to think. I had one recently in mind

Guy: Tuthpik?

Gal: Nooo

Guy: Diory? Towdy? Mapli? Doory

Gal: What is this? Not like this names. Bootiful names.

Guy: Worshen, Liny

Gal: Wait, I will give eg: Asin (Reference to actress Asin Thottumkal). Her parents coined that name. But I need a little more longer name

Guy: Dsin

Gal: I said beautiful name. Bootiful

Guy: Adiya, Abooty

Gal: Eyyyy

Guy: _ameni

Gal: Ey

Guy: 123jill, Boogyytrap, $tu, Re1

Gal: Nooo, these are horrible names. How to call even?

Guy: $tu -2 dollar Rusyr


Guy: IOnxt, Bomwani, Tubsri, Vowlni

Gal: Noooo, enuf (enough)

Guy: Zyxen, Inficy, Sysini, Bagifx, Bugfx, Tyfus

Gal: Where r u getting such names?

Guy: Thinking Ivary Uvento Purpelo

Gal: U have so much talent. Can I put this in my blog? Our blog. Some rare girl baby names

Guy: Go ahead 

Gal: Put cockroach, frog also….

Guy: Cocrsy. Froggy

Gal: Are all these names for girl?

Guy: Hmmmn, Zyxen for boy

Gal: Its ok, girl can also have that name. Ok am writing this post.


Guy: ok I am sleepy gn

Gal: You will wake to this post tomorrow. Am not responsible for anything that you hear.

Guy: Rudy, I will see in morning, Ok Rudy


P.S. This post gets published.





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