Microchip ICD3 Issues – Part 1

To design ICD3 programming circuit, follow the design guidelines found in the below link:


Note: nMCLR pin should be pulled to Vdd by 4.7k as shown in figure below:

Interface ICD3

A frequently seen issue while using ICD3 is given below:


To resolve this issue, follow the steps below:

Self test ICD3:  The Test Interface board is meant for checking communication between the PC and ICD3. This test ensures that the ICD3 is functioning properly. After connecting the ICD3 Test Interface board to the ICD3, you need to select “Run ICD3 Test Interface” from Debugger ->Settings->Status tab.

Following messages in the Output window confirm that the ICD3 is working fine:


If the self test pass then change the ICD3 settings in project properties:

ICD3 settings

Uncheck the “use latest firmware” and manually browse to the firmware folder/file.

firmware path

Using the default firmware will fix this issue .

Let me know if this helped 🙂

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Fruit And Nut Pound Cake

Let me be frank. Am no expert in making/ baking cakes. This is a very basic and traditional cake which hasn’t gone wrong anytime. Now this cake is called as a ‘pound cake‘ because each of the four ingredients: flour, butter, eggs, and sugar is taken in a 1:1:1:1 ratio by weight, i.e. if I am taking 250 grams of flour, I should take 250 grams of butter, eggs and sugar.

Let’s get to the ingredients in detail.

Butter – 250 grams (I have used salted butter, here Amul butter, you can opt for non salted one as well)


Eggs – 250 grams (In this case, it came to 5 eggs, the number can vary depending on size of eggs)


Maida Flour – 250 grams (This is from Big Basket)


Sugar – 250 grams (I have used brown sugar, it’s Arya Organic Brown Sugar – sorry about the blurred image, to give the cake a light brown colour, it can be substituted with white sugar with same quantity)


Baking powder and Vanilla Essence (I have used both Baker’s products)

20151228_061303.jpgAs the name suggests, fruits and nuts as required.

I have actually soaked the fruits and nuts in chocolate milk and left it for a day in fridge. There’s cashews, cherries, tutty fruity, pista, almonds, raisins and dates. You can add any fruit and nut. The fruits and nuts have absorbed most of the chocolate milk.


Ensure that all the ingredients are at room temperature. This is very important.

First step is to beat the butter. I have used a hand mixer for doing it. Beat till it becomes smooth.


Add in the eggs and beat it thoroughly. You can add the egg whites first and then the egg yolks or both together.


Add in the vanilla essence. I have added 1 teaspoon of essence and beat well.


Now add the sugar and again beat well.


Mix flour and baking powder together in a separate bowl. I have used 5-6 grams of baking powder. This quantity is determined by what is advised on the baking powder packet. Add it to the mixture and use a spatula to blend it in. Do not use mixer for blending the flour or any further. Add the fruit and nut mix into it.


Take the baking pan and dust it with a bit of butter and maida. Cut out baking paper and place it at the bottom of this pan. Ensure that the oven is getting heated at this time at 180 degrees for some 20 minutes in advance. Pour the cake mix into the baking pan and using spatula give it a good shape.


Cook at 180 degrees for around 35-40 minutes. The cake is cooked when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean or when the cake starts separating from the corners or when crack appears on the top of the cake.


Allow the cake to cool for a while and then move it out of the pan.

Cut and serve. You can see that the cake looks very moist in this cross section picture. It’s yummy 😀


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Dried Fish Curry / karuvadu kuzhambu / unakkameen curry

Dried Fish or dry fish as its more commonly called, is the main ingredient for this yummy South Indian curry. First you need to get some really good dried fish, for eg: shark, available most commonly at some fish market. After that you can follow this amazing receipe.

The Required Ingredients in Detail: 

Dried Fish

Red chilly powder

Turmeric Powder



Onion, sliced lengthwise


Curry Leaves




Steps for Preparing the Dried Fish.

Clean the dried fish very well. I have taken 2 fish as shown below. 


Cut it into small pieces. Dried fish contain excess of salt added for preservation purposes. So it is required to wash it away thoroughly before cooking so as to get rid of this extra salt content.


Steps for cooking:

Heat oil in a pan.

Add mustard to it and allow it to splutter.

Add curry leaves followed by sliced garlic.

When it turns slight brown, add the onions which are sliced lengthwise.

Wait for it to turn golden brown, then add in the sliced tomatoes. 

After the tomatoes blends with the onions and form a puree kind of texture, add water followed by red chilly powder, turmeric powder and tamarind. Water quantity depends on how much gravy you require.

Let it boil for some time. Now add the dry fish pieces.


Let it cook for some time. Taste the curry and check if any salt need to be added.

Note: Do not add salt unless it is essential. So wait till the end if you really have to add some.

Turn the fire off and serve hot with plain rice.


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My Only World!

I can speak to you, a million words,
Without uttering a single word aloud.
You tend to keep me happy, every moment,
With the slightest glance or a smile.

When I gaze at you, in your eyes I see,
The One I feel I can trust my life with.
When you do touch me, in my soul I feel,
The comfort I had been seeking for long.

You might not know how much you mean to me,
Because am not so good at expressing myself.
If you can keep me smiling always, I promise,
You will be my only world for this lifetime.

Course Viva

Writing after a pretty long gap, I was thinking of an ideal topic to start with. That’s when the idea of course viva struck my mind. Now that won’t seem to be an interesting topic but I am trying to make it one.

Well, after all the exams of the last semester (that’s 8th semester of b.tech) the only thing left behind was the much awaited course viva. What’s so special about it? Its supposed to be an oral examination of the entire course. That is you can be asked anything from anywhere of the 4 year course. Does that sound interesting!

So the day before the viva, I started taking down all the text books of the various semesters from the attic. (That was the place for all the texts after their semester was completed). Now where do I start? What all to learn? What all to scrap through…and that too in a single day? Oh my god!!!

I started with my favourite book. Its not any text book, not even notebook, its the syllabus book. (We must go through all the topics, see if any texts are missing, see which all topics are interesting or important, and the syllabus book is the best one to refer for all this) From the third semester onwards, I completed reading the entire syllabus as well as deleting those subjects and its corresponding text of which I felt it was difficult to pose oral questions.(That’s part of intelligence, to remove maths, network theory and all…also deleted subjects that didn’t belong to my branch like power electronics, control systems etc).

Now to the study part, since all initial arrangements have been completed and situation suitable for study has been generated. Just went through the major and mini project plus the seminar. Its very interesting to find out spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in there. Also went through J B Gupta’s text. By evening got entirely exhausted that I decided ‘its enough, you can’t learn everything in a day, not even the toppers, so stop worrying, do as you can, you won’t fail here’.

Reaching college got my record sealed and started waiting for my turn into the lion’s den. Everyone around was busy referring different texts some of which I have ignored at home and many others, discussing questions with those who had successfully completed the viva etc. I was getting more and more tensed as my time neared. Compared to all others I haven’t learnt anything and couldn’t remember anything.

When it was time I went in. It was an external examiner. So I grew confident. (This person doesn’t know me, about what I have not studied etc so there’s nothing to worry. He is supposed to rate me out of 100). I remained calm. I was asked to explain about both my projects which I did to the best of my ability, then some basic questions and all. That’s all. Then I was asked to leave. Just in about 5 minutes I was out. (A person could completely assess my knowledge in 5 minutes! ) I don’t know how I am going to fare in it but I feel contented.

After crossing the great hurdle of course viva, I ask myself, ‘Is it required to go through the entire course in a single day to appear for course viva?’ I don’t know exactly, maybe…..

The most unexpected at the most unexpected moment…

This post might not contain anything special to make it interesting or rare but it does contain something which made me think that ‘the unexpected always occurs at the most unexpected moment’. So I have been thinking of putting it into words ever since.

I don’t even remember very well in what mood I was on that day. It was almost 8:30pm and I was just returning from office (of course late).Since it was late, I decided to take an auto (usually I prefer to walk).Usually the fare is Rs 30 or Rs40 depending on the driver.

The moment I got in, I started searching my bag for change. Unfortunately, I just had one Rs 100 note, no change. I thought the driver might have so ‘I needn’t worry’. Sitting in an auto for 5 minutes is like an hour for me since my mind gets filled with thousands of unrelated thoughts.

Finally reached the destination and gave the note. ”change, madam?” To hear the word ‘madam’ is something which I really enjoy but this time it didn’t make me happy as usual. ”change nahi”. I used the very little Hindi I knew.”Even the driver didn’t have change and there were no shops in the vicinity. Practically no one I knew was nearby.

‘OMG, what to do?’ I cursed the moment I decided to take an auto, cursed why I didn’t have change, cursed for being late and so on….I didn’t know what to do(completely numb), what to say(language problem as usual). That’s when the driver started asking change to passer-by. Again no one had change (why couldn’t someone have change?).

By chance an African,(from looks and build)was passing by with his friend. I haven’t seen them in my lifetime even though they stayed somewhere near (again my guess). Again the driver asked him for change. Still a big ‘no’. He looked at my worried face and asked the driver to give back my note. He paid for me. I was dumbstruck. The driver told I need to pay him (African) later and left.

After the driver left, I followed the African to say a thanks or something but he moved away swiftly and out of sight. And I haven’t seen that person again.

I am in debt now. How to pay back? No idea. But the most striking thing in this is the mindset to help someone in need. I wouldn’t have done that for sure. This was the most unexpected kindness that I received from the most unexpected person at the most unexpected moment.

A Tea with my Angel

Whenever you feel you are all alone

And there’s no one who cares about you

And think that your existence doesn’t matter

That’s when the Angel arrives.

The angel is disguised in a cloak

In someone that you won’t expect it at all

It comes out of the blue, into our midst

And leaves behind, an everlasting impact.

My angel arrived when I was on the roads

And protected me from being run over

I couldn’t even say a ‘thank you’ note

Coz, the angel didn’t wish to be thanked.

With a smile on the face and as calm as ever

I was showered with advice to be followed

Nodding my head and brimming with delight

I rejoiced about my newly restored life.

Met my angel now and then

Gave a smile and got one in return

Wished to talk, to know, to thank

Atleast invite to a cup of tea.

Completely lost and alone again

Again angel came to my rescue

Offered a cup of tea together

Hurray!!I joined in wholeheartedly.

This was the moment I had dreamt about

The most awaited day of my life

Sitting and sipping my cup of tea,

Heard my angel speak to me, only me.

Talk To Me

Never noticed you on the very first day,

 you were standing right in front of me!

Didn’t even catch your name at first,

felt there was no need for it after all.

Again you came in front of me

after what felt like a fortnight.

This time I started noticing you

just looked to while away my time.

Frequency increased with passing days

to some 10 glances per hour.

Time period also increased per gaze

to some 3-4 seconds per glance.

That’s when you started to observe

that I was looking at you, only you.

Many times did we look at each other

and then turned our heads away.

My eyes followed you wherever you went

I couldn’t stop how much ever I tried.

I never got the guts to say a “hi” to you

think, even you weren’t interested for it.

In my mind, there is just this thought

“Please talk to me a word for once…”.

My Shadow!


You followed me wherever I went,

atleast your voice gave me company.

You advised me to ignore others

when they stayed away from me.

You supported, whatever I did

kept a promise that you will stay.

You were there, to guide and help

even when I expected other’s presence.

You spoke very little, rarely scolded

b’coz you never wanted to lose me.

You could understand, whatever I did

or you chose to believe that I’m right.

Whenever I ignored you, you didn’t mind

you gave time to replenish myself.

My talks never bored you, even my grumblings

comforting me seemed like your hobby.

You never moaned, over my imperfection

coz you were the only one with common sense.

I truly believe, to this very day

that you are my very own shadow.

Give me one more chance

(Scene 1—-Imagination)

I think about a million questions to ask to you

Prepare answers for all that might be asked for

Visualize all scenes, each and every frame,

As if it was all real and true and live.

I have all answers and a lot of questions

And am highly prepared, waiting for a chance

There would be no silence, not even a second

I will be talking all over and over again.

(Scene 2—-Reality)

You walk upto me from a side, I am all stunned

You raise a hand, give a smile and say a ‘hi’

I smile back, but no words make their way out

Everything I had prepared, nothing comes to play.

You start talking, asking questions, looking at me

I stare back, ‘Omg! What to say, what to answer’

I stammer something, shake and nod my head

I swear I could do better  with someone else.

When you finish, you look up at me surprised

Expecting something from me, some words

But I can’t, I’m all lost, don’t know what to say

It happens only when I have to speak with you.

Finally you get up and walk away from me

You must be bored, I’m sure you must have been

‘I’ m really sorry, but how can I let you know?’

‘I’m not like this always, give me one more chance.’