Avoli/ Vaaval/ Chanduva/ Manji/ Pomfret fry

I have included the various names of the fish we are about to cook in the title above, yet for easy identification adding the image below:

(Image Courtesy: http://www.clovegarden.com/)

(Image Courtesy: http://www.clovegarden.com/)

Making fish fry is very simple once you have the fish cleaned and sliced into pieces. You will have to remove the fins, scales and head. These days you can get the fish cleaned and sliced from the market itself. Only thing is you need to wash the fish pieces very well. If possible make small cuts on the fish pieces. This is for easy absorption of the masala mix while marinating.

(Image Courtesy: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/)

Next step is marinating the pieces. For this you need to have the following ingredients in place.
Chilly powder
Turmeric powder
Coriander powder
Crushed Pepper
Ginger garlic paste – freshly prepared

In a wide bowl, combine chilly powder, turmeric, coriander, pepper, ginger garlic paste and salt. It should form a thick paste. You can add a bit of water or oil to make it into a paste. Now dip each of the fish pieces into the masala mix. Make sure that both sides of fish are coated evenly with the masala. For good results i.e. better taste, it is advised to fry the pieces after an hour after marination.

(Image Courtesy: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/)

Now to frying. Heat oil in a frying pan. Wait till the oil is hot enough before placing the fish pieces into the oil.


(Image Courtesy: http://www.spiceindiaonline.com/)

Cover the frying pan and cook until it browns on bottom side. Turn the pieces and cook the other side too till it browns. Remove from fire and serve hot.


(Image Courtesy: Self)

Can be had as it is or with rice.


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