The Great Job Hunt

Hmm, well the greatest challenge in life, I believe, is getting a job. This is not meant for those who are presently employed and cosy at their workplace, nope, it’s not meant for you. Its not even meant for those who are placed and waiting for the great calls. It’s for those who are still searching for a job even after, you know graduating with a fair amount of marks in papers.

Initially it’s really fun posting resumes to all vacancies you come across. First time and all, you will be too much selective i.e. you will be short listing the companies by yourselves before sending your resumes. (Matter of status). And then waits and wait for a response. Finally you get fed up and then decide to send to some more. This time short listing is not critical but still you give importance to company name and all (facts like salary location all are really important).The important thing is that you haven’t been called by the company you are applying to but still you presume you being selected as if you are the ‘one and only’ person who is applying and the best.

Wait continues…Meantime you appear for some interviews and gets pushed out.(you know lack of luck and skills). A sort of depression starts building in and it increases when your friends gets a job somewhere. Reason for them getting job is they are luckier, isn’t it? Because you know your talents, where you stand compared to others and how much you are better than a whole lot. But Lady Luck is still not impressed with you. Hmm… So what’s next?

The last and final step to get a job is apply to all, everything, anything. No priorities no distinction between good or bad no ego feelings, absolutely nothing. You are so lost in your objective that you don’t even care about anything. Now that you have done your side completely and perfectly, you can say without a flaw, it’s time for you to sit back and relish the result. Hoping for the very best but highly prepared for the worst.


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