Kovakkai/ dondakaya/ tondekayi / ivy gourd fry

Ivy gourd is said to possess a lot of health benefits. Let’s see how to make a very simple dish using it as the key ingredient.

Ingredients Required:
Green Chilly
Turmeric Powder
Red Chilly Powder

So let’s get started.

Am starting off with this much of Ivy gourd. It looks a bit unclean. Never mind. We will fix it.


Next thing to do is cut the 2 tips of each of them and soak it in water. You will have to add a pinch of salt and turmeric powder to the water. This is to help in the cleaning process. Leave it for 5-10 minutes in the water.


Wash it thoroughly and drain off the water. See now it looks clean 🙂


 Now you will have to slice them into pieces. See the green fleshy inside. That’s how good Ivy gourd looks like.


Please make sure you do not use the ripe red ones because these will surely spoil the dish.


Now get the green chillies, wash them, remove the stalk and then slit them in the center and add to the cut Ivy gourd.


Now it’s time to begin cooking. In a pan, add oil. Add the pieces into it along with some turmeric powder and salt.


Stir it well so that it is mixed properly.


Keep it in low flame for 5 minutes stirring occasionally. Now add some chilly powder.


Again stir well and spread it to all the sides of the pan. Keep it in low flame till it is cooked well. You can identify it by cooked smell or by tasting a piece.


Serve hot with rice.


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