Potato Stir Fry

We are going to make a very tasty yet very simple dish using potatoes. (To know about health benefits of potatoes, click here)

Ingredients List:
Green chilly
Turmeric Powder
Chilly Powder

Potatoes are plant tubers, i.e. they grow under the ground and hence will be mostly dirty. (See all the mud sticking to the potatoes)


 Remove the peels using a peeler, scrapper or a knife. Remember to put the potatoes into a vessel of water having salt in it just after you finish peeling the skin.


Wash very thoroughly so that there’s no trace of mud on the potatoes.


Start slicing the potatoes into small pieces lengthwise. It should look somewhat like french fries but a bit thinner.


Wash the green chillies, remove the stalk and cut slit them in the middle.


Now let’s begin cooking. Take some oil in a pan and put the potato pieces along with the chillies into it. Add turmeric powder and salt.


Stir well to mix.


Allow it to cook for some time in low fire and add red chilly powder.


Stir well. Allow it to cook by spreading it in the vessel. Wait till oil starts coming out of the pieces into the center of the vessel.


With this, you can be sure the pieces are cooked well. Taste and check.


Serve hot with rice.


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