A Tea with my Angel

Whenever you feel you are all alone

And there’s no one who cares about you

And think that your existence doesn’t matter

That’s when the Angel arrives.

The angel is disguised in a cloak

In someone that you won’t expect it at all

It comes out of the blue, into our midst

And leaves behind, an everlasting impact.

My angel arrived when I was on the roads

And protected me from being run over

I couldn’t even say a ‘thank you’ note

Coz, the angel didn’t wish to be thanked.

With a smile on the face and as calm as ever

I was showered with advice to be followed

Nodding my head and brimming with delight

I rejoiced about my newly restored life.

Met my angel now and then

Gave a smile and got one in return

Wished to talk, to know, to thank

Atleast invite to a cup of tea.

Completely lost and alone again

Again angel came to my rescue

Offered a cup of tea together

Hurray!!I joined in wholeheartedly.

This was the moment I had dreamt about

The most awaited day of my life

Sitting and sipping my cup of tea,

Heard my angel speak to me, only me.


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