‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ – A bench life story.

Thinking about the elite class of ‘human beings’, I think we all (including me) are crazy in some way or the other. I don’t know how many might agree with me but others please pardon no offence intended.

Most of us must have experienced this. You get ready to go out, either to office (willingly or unwillingly) or to hang out with friends or to take a walk alone, to enjoy the outside when it suddenly starts to rain.  You would start cursing the rain, sometimes though not to that extend, but still you would want it to stop and expect it to be dry and sunny instantly.

The other side of the story is when it is sunny and warm; you just wish it to be raining so that you could enjoy the beauty of the rain -its murmuring to the leaves, the terrace and the world…. I wasn’t going to elaborate on meteorology and climatic dilemmas, well, got something else similar to this, so hang on.

What do you do when you don’t have real work to do? I’m talking about office stuff. Not all will be fortunate/unfortunate enough to have such a period. It’s a time when you don’t know how to while away time, you feel like time never moves forward. Only thing that you do in time would be having food or breaks to be more precise. Regular schedule as follows:


11:00 am-tea/coffee

1: pm-lunch

4:00 pm-tea/coffee

Enter the library, read newspaper after newspaper (widening the horizon of knowledge) or browse the internet but never ever turn to the technical books-this routine fills the gap when not in cafeteria(less than an hour). You start praying for work to be assigned somehow, doesn’t matter whether project exist or whether you are skilled for doing that. Getting it is the ultimate goal, how you get it isn’t significant at all. Time passes by…even your wait…..

One bright morning, you get the much coveted ‘real work’. So happy, finally you got what you wanted. But then, sitting in front of the PC’s for long stretches, you dream of the earlier breaks, the freedom then, the happiness etc… nostalgia starts building in inside you. Look into the watch at the exact time, wish to take a break, or try to escape, but thinking of the work to complete, you don’t even feel like getting up or if ever you take a break, return as soon as possible, like a robot(totally mechanical). That’s when you realise it was better the other way round.

The thing I don’t understand is why both these extremes never balance each other. You never get satisfied with the present scenario, whatever it might be, however it might be. I don’t know how you can sort it all out but I guess the only way to survive is to endure a bit, think this is how it’s supposed to be or how it happens to everyone and try to ease yourself. Say it in mind that what you want is on its way (but seriously I don’t know yet what I really want).

Of course ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.


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