Give me one more chance

(Scene 1—-Imagination)

I think about a million questions to ask to you

Prepare answers for all that might be asked for

Visualize all scenes, each and every frame,

As if it was all real and true and live.

I have all answers and a lot of questions

And am highly prepared, waiting for a chance

There would be no silence, not even a second

I will be talking all over and over again.

(Scene 2—-Reality)

You walk upto me from a side, I am all stunned

You raise a hand, give a smile and say a ‘hi’

I smile back, but no words make their way out

Everything I had prepared, nothing comes to play.

You start talking, asking questions, looking at me

I stare back, ‘Omg! What to say, what to answer’

I stammer something, shake and nod my head

I swear I could do better  with someone else.

When you finish, you look up at me surprised

Expecting something from me, some words

But I can’t, I’m all lost, don’t know what to say

It happens only when I have to speak with you.

Finally you get up and walk away from me

You must be bored, I’m sure you must have been

‘I’ m really sorry, but how can I let you know?’

‘I’m not like this always, give me one more chance.’


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