Talk To Me

Never noticed you on the very first day,

 you were standing right in front of me!

Didn’t even catch your name at first,

felt there was no need for it after all.

Again you came in front of me

after what felt like a fortnight.

This time I started noticing you

just looked to while away my time.

Frequency increased with passing days

to some 10 glances per hour.

Time period also increased per gaze

to some 3-4 seconds per glance.

That’s when you started to observe

that I was looking at you, only you.

Many times did we look at each other

and then turned our heads away.

My eyes followed you wherever you went

I couldn’t stop how much ever I tried.

I never got the guts to say a “hi” to you

think, even you weren’t interested for it.

In my mind, there is just this thought

“Please talk to me a word for once…”.


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