The most unexpected at the most unexpected moment…

This post might not contain anything special to make it interesting or rare but it does contain something which made me think that ‘the unexpected always occurs at the most unexpected moment’. So I have been thinking of putting it into words ever since.

I don’t even remember very well in what mood I was on that day. It was almost 8:30pm and I was just returning from office (of course late).Since it was late, I decided to take an auto (usually I prefer to walk).Usually the fare is Rs 30 or Rs40 depending on the driver.

The moment I got in, I started searching my bag for change. Unfortunately, I just had one Rs 100 note, no change. I thought the driver might have so ‘I needn’t worry’. Sitting in an auto for 5 minutes is like an hour for me since my mind gets filled with thousands of unrelated thoughts.

Finally reached the destination and gave the note. ”change, madam?” To hear the word ‘madam’ is something which I really enjoy but this time it didn’t make me happy as usual. ”change nahi”. I used the very little Hindi I knew.”Even the driver didn’t have change and there were no shops in the vicinity. Practically no one I knew was nearby.

‘OMG, what to do?’ I cursed the moment I decided to take an auto, cursed why I didn’t have change, cursed for being late and so on….I didn’t know what to do(completely numb), what to say(language problem as usual). That’s when the driver started asking change to passer-by. Again no one had change (why couldn’t someone have change?).

By chance an African,(from looks and build)was passing by with his friend. I haven’t seen them in my lifetime even though they stayed somewhere near (again my guess). Again the driver asked him for change. Still a big ‘no’. He looked at my worried face and asked the driver to give back my note. He paid for me. I was dumbstruck. The driver told I need to pay him (African) later and left.

After the driver left, I followed the African to say a thanks or something but he moved away swiftly and out of sight. And I haven’t seen that person again.

I am in debt now. How to pay back? No idea. But the most striking thing in this is the mindset to help someone in need. I wouldn’t have done that for sure. This was the most unexpected kindness that I received from the most unexpected person at the most unexpected moment.


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