Course Viva

Writing after a pretty long gap, I was thinking of an ideal topic to start with. That’s when the idea of course viva struck my mind. Now that won’t seem to be an interesting topic but I am trying to make it one.

Well, after all the exams of the last semester (that’s 8th semester of the only thing left behind was the much awaited course viva. What’s so special about it? Its supposed to be an oral examination of the entire course. That is you can be asked anything from anywhere of the 4 year course. Does that sound interesting!

So the day before the viva, I started taking down all the text books of the various semesters from the attic. (That was the place for all the texts after their semester was completed). Now where do I start? What all to learn? What all to scrap through…and that too in a single day? Oh my god!!!

I started with my favourite book. Its not any text book, not even notebook, its the syllabus book. (We must go through all the topics, see if any texts are missing, see which all topics are interesting or important, and the syllabus book is the best one to refer for all this) From the third semester onwards, I completed reading the entire syllabus as well as deleting those subjects and its corresponding text of which I felt it was difficult to pose oral questions.(That’s part of intelligence, to remove maths, network theory and all…also deleted subjects that didn’t belong to my branch like power electronics, control systems etc).

Now to the study part, since all initial arrangements have been completed and situation suitable for study has been generated. Just went through the major and mini project plus the seminar. Its very interesting to find out spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes in there. Also went through J B Gupta’s text. By evening got entirely exhausted that I decided ‘its enough, you can’t learn everything in a day, not even the toppers, so stop worrying, do as you can, you won’t fail here’.

Reaching college got my record sealed and started waiting for my turn into the lion’s den. Everyone around was busy referring different texts some of which I have ignored at home and many others, discussing questions with those who had successfully completed the viva etc. I was getting more and more tensed as my time neared. Compared to all others I haven’t learnt anything and couldn’t remember anything.

When it was time I went in. It was an external examiner. So I grew confident. (This person doesn’t know me, about what I have not studied etc so there’s nothing to worry. He is supposed to rate me out of 100). I remained calm. I was asked to explain about both my projects which I did to the best of my ability, then some basic questions and all. That’s all. Then I was asked to leave. Just in about 5 minutes I was out. (A person could completely assess my knowledge in 5 minutes! ) I don’t know how I am going to fare in it but I feel contented.

After crossing the great hurdle of course viva, I ask myself, ‘Is it required to go through the entire course in a single day to appear for course viva?’ I don’t know exactly, maybe…..


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