Dried Fish Curry / karuvadu kuzhambu / unakkameen curry

Dried Fish or dry fish as its more commonly called, is the main ingredient for this yummy South Indian curry. First you need to get some really good dried fish, for eg: shark, available most commonly at some fish market. After that you can follow this amazing receipe.

The Required Ingredients in Detail: 

Dried Fish

Red chilly powder

Turmeric Powder



Onion, sliced lengthwise


Curry Leaves




Steps for Preparing the Dried Fish.

Clean the dried fish very well. I have taken 2 fish as shown below. 


Cut it into small pieces. Dried fish contain excess of salt added for preservation purposes. So it is required to wash it away thoroughly before cooking so as to get rid of this extra salt content.


Steps for cooking:

Heat oil in a pan.

Add mustard to it and allow it to splutter.

Add curry leaves followed by sliced garlic.

When it turns slight brown, add the onions which are sliced lengthwise.

Wait for it to turn golden brown, then add in the sliced tomatoes. 

After the tomatoes blends with the onions and form a puree kind of texture, add water followed by red chilly powder, turmeric powder and tamarind. Water quantity depends on how much gravy you require.

Let it boil for some time. Now add the dry fish pieces.


Let it cook for some time. Taste the curry and check if any salt need to be added.

Note: Do not add salt unless it is essential. So wait till the end if you really have to add some.

Turn the fire off and serve hot with plain rice.


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