Microchip ICD3 Issues – Part 1

To design ICD3 programming circuit, follow the design guidelines found in the below link:


Note: nMCLR pin should be pulled to Vdd by 4.7k as shown in figure below:

Interface ICD3

A frequently seen issue while using ICD3 is given below:


To resolve this issue, follow the steps below:

Self test ICD3:  The Test Interface board is meant for checking communication between the PC and ICD3. This test ensures that the ICD3 is functioning properly. After connecting the ICD3 Test Interface board to the ICD3, you need to select “Run ICD3 Test Interface” from Debugger ->Settings->Status tab.

Following messages in the Output window confirm that the ICD3 is working fine:


If the self test pass then change the ICD3 settings in project properties:

ICD3 settings

Uncheck the “use latest firmware” and manually browse to the firmware folder/file.

firmware path

Using the default firmware will fix this issue .

Let me know if this helped 🙂

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