Through the Sunglasses, and What I Saw

What follows below is a real life personal experience of using a pair of sunglasses for the first time. Since this is of utmost personal nature, there could be significant variability from others first time experiences (if found elsewhere) for which I am not answerable for. With that said, let me start my narration.

The ‘pair of Sunglasses’  who is the protagonist in this account was received by me as a complimentary gift from Titan Eye+ on purchase of contact lenses for an amount >= 2.0K INR. Even though they were free, I actually got the opportunity to pick them, not the make but the colour. So other than the brown one which I picked eventually, there was a black one and a green one which looked really weird. I was obviously thrilled as the sunglasses seemed like the best New Year gift of 2016 🙂 

I very badly wanted it to be the next day so that I could showcase them to the entire world, or so I thought. I devised plans to wear them while riding my bike to office in the morning. For my plans to work out, I even got ready earlier than usual, put on the sunglasses and did a ramp walk kind of activity for atleast 15 minutes inside the house before stepping out. This ramp walk session was something like getting to know each other and getting acclimatised session for me. It was obviously too dark inside with the sunglasses on and then I decided to try it out.

Reaching near my bike, I fished out the helmet from inside it, removed the sunglasses, put on the helmet and then placed the sunglasses back on my face. The sunglasses rested perfectly well over my nose even though it seemed a little large. And then I started my ride, seeing through the sunglasses.

The usual white sunlight was kind of light brown and the surrounding seemed to be of the same hue. My eyes felt a bit more cool than usual, it could be the weather was actually cool than usual but I didn’t bother to check. The red traffic signal didn’t look any different but the green light was a beautiful red blue mix. There was this unusually less traffic on the way, reason being I was earlier than usual and I usually travel during the peak hours, but I felt like attributing it to ‘because I’m wearing sunglasses’.

Travelling through the smooth newly tarred road, I looked around to see the shops, the buildings, the people, none of which I usually notice on any other day. This is because of the great curiosity which the sunglasses instilled in me, making me want to see the world through a different hue. I have to take a side road which reminds me of travelling through a village, even though the village will no more exist in 6 months’ time from now on as its going to be replaced by concrete structures as soon as possible as part of urbanization, but never mind, let me enjoy the present and leave the worries to the future.

Both sides of the road is laden with coconut trees and some other trees which give shade to the road. Through the sunglasses, it looked like 6 pm or so. Then there was this cattle moving on the road and it all seemed like a completely new experience. Things which I haven’t cared to notice before appeared so livid and lively, even the car colours, bike colours, oh my, what a completely different world I thought, I fell in love with the protagonist, I loved this association, felt it like a blessing, until…

Until I hit a pothole. I actually forgot about this pothole, it was a big one. Since I take the same route daily to office, and since the potholes never get covered on the same day or the next day or the next month of their first public appearance, I am well versed with the exact locations of all of them, and I think everyone should be if they care about their backs. Anyway as I was saying, I hit a pothole and my sunglasses rubbed so badly over my nose from the jump. It started to pain, a bit too bad. That was the first pothole en route and there were many to follow. Each potholes made the sunglasses press severely on my nose and I was writhing in pain to take the sunglasses off, off my nose.

From then on, all my thoughts was to take them off as soon as possible. I didn’t see any more natural surroundings, buildings, trees, vehicles etc. All I saw was the road and all I thought about was or I cared about was, how to manoeuvre the potholes with the least impact to my nose and nothing else. My protagonist got converted to the antagonist, I started hating it, felt it like a curse, I just wanted to end this association, somehow. Finally, after what seemed like a long ride, I reached my office, pulled the sunglasses out, checked my nose for any dents and discarded the sunglasses into a distant corner of my bag, never to use them again anywhere soon.

This post won’t be complete if I don’t attach a picture of the so called protagonist of this post who ended up being the antagonist, so here it goes, introducing to the world the one and only Sunglasses.



4 thoughts on “Through the Sunglasses, and What I Saw

  1. The detailed description of the surroundings, ur feelings at that moment…. very nice…. Please keep writing…. Make the insignificant things in day to day life seem significant….


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