Paneer Masala – My style

I couldn’t come up with any innovative name for the dish that I prepared using Paneer as the key ingredient so am settling with a more common name. As the title rightly points out, this is my style of making panner masala and hence this is not the only style available to make it. With that said, let’s begin.

Ingredients list:

I have used 200 grams of Creamy Paneer, the packet shown below. This paneer is very soft and comes uncut.


Two medium sized onions sliced into small pieces. I have made it small because I have no plans to grind it later like what is called out in most receipes.


4-5 cloves of garlic, again sliced into very small pieces.


Some cilantro/ coriander leaves which will be used in the end for garnishing


Two medium sized tomatoes cut into very small pieces.


So these are the main ingredients. The masala’s used and other details, I will be explaining below.

Now to cooking.

In a pan, take some ghee. I have used ghee here but it can be substituted with cooking oil or butter. Into it put the garlic first and allow it to fry.


Add the onions and saute it.


During this time, you can cut the paneer into cubes.


Add a bit of salt so that the onions get turned to brown quickly. The salt acts as the catalyst to speed up the browning process.


Now add the tomatoes.


Mix well until the tomatoes blend really well.


It should resemble a thick paste like texture.


Now add some water. This will help in making the tomatoes into a paste and aid in further cooking.


Now is masala time. Add coriander powder, red chilly powder, garam masala and salt. Mix well. From now on, ensure the pan is on low fire because the masala should not get burnt.


I add a bit of tomato ketchup and some sugar at this stage to give a tangy and sweet taste to the curry.


Mix it well.


Add the paneer cubes into the prepared curry/ sauce.


Mix well.


Allow the paneer pieces to cook really well. It should take roughly 4-5 minutes.


Garnish it with cilantro leaves and serve hot.


Can be served with poori, roti or naan.



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