Simple Fried Rice – My style

There might be times when you don’t want to have plain rice but you don’t have enough ingredients to make a full fledged fried rice with a lot of vegetables. That’s when this receipe will come handy, it doesn’t use any vegetables as such and it is pretty simple. So let’s begin.

I have used 2 glass of Charminar rice here.


You will have to wash the rice grains 3-4 times in running water. Washing rice actually helps to get rid of the surface starches, prevents clumping, and yields a clean, fresh taste. Use plenty of water and always start by stirring the rice in circles with your fingers. Its fun to do this part. After you finish the washing process, allow the rice to drain itself on a sieve.


If you have taken 2 cups of rice, take around 4.5 glass of water and allow it to boil in a pan. That’s like providing enough water for the rice to cook well.


In the meantime, in the cooker, put some 4-5 elachi/cardamom, cloves and bay leaf in ghee and heat them slightly.


Now put the drained rice into the cooker along with some salt to taste.


Fry the rice in the cooker by stirring it.


By this time, the water would have been boiled.


Pour the water over the rice and allow it to cook by covering.


You will have to cook it till all the water gets evaporated. You should also check in between whether the rice has been cooked enough by taking a grain out and trying to eat it. The rice would have elongated by now and increased in size.


If you want to garnish the rice, take some cashew-nuts and break them into pieces. Take some raisins, wash them, dry them and put them together with the cashews in ghee.


Let them cook well. You can see that the cashews turn a bit brown and raisins get swollen up when it is cooked.


Add the cashew-raisin mixture to the cooked rice.


Mix well and turn off the fire and serve hot.


You could serve with any curry, even with the Paneer Masala that I have shown in a previous post.

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3 thoughts on “Simple Fried Rice – My style

  1. Hello! Thank you for this easy recipe! It looks so white and fresh! I just wanted to ask if the same can be done in microwaves too? You see, because I’m legally under the age to play with fire.


    1. Hi Kiddo, This easy recipe can be done if u have enough heat, doesn’t matter how it comes. If you are planning to use microwave oven better make sure Mom is behind 🙂


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