A glass of Ginger Lime Juice please!

It has been very cold in Bengaluru and for the past one week, my friend has been winter sick. Sick as in fever, cold, headache etc. and she was taking in loads and loads of tablets. First I thought not to interfere into it. She was popping tablets one after the other, one for cold, one for fever, one for headache, and then some random tablets, God knows for what all reasons and that’s when I decided to intervene, ‘taking so many tablets is not so good, not safe‘, I told her. ‘Then what should I do?, I am sick, I need something to atleast stay put.’ She said in her usual bossy tone but I wasn’t in a mood to let it go that soon. I don’t like tablets, let alone taking them in large quantities. Then I thought about my Grandma’s home remedies for cold, sneezes, and other winter woes. And the first thing that came to my mind was ginger. The health benefits of Ginger have been well known to Indians for a very long time. Ginger contains many vitamins and also manganese & copper, all of which are very essential for proper functioning of the body.

So I took her to our office cafeteria and ordered for both of us a glass of ginger lime juice each. So while they were preparing the juice which takes around 5-10 minutes, we sat down and waited for the drink and she started asking what’s so great about this drink. I knew some benefits of ginger but I didn’t know well enough to explain to her in detail. So I just blabbered something to her to save the scene and thought about conveying the benefits through a post.

Ginger Benefits:

Next to the benefits offered by ginger, I have listed some popular tablets (in brackets) which also claim to provide the same benefits when consumed.


1. Anti Inflammatory: Ginger contains antioxidants which help to increase the flow of fresh blood by removing harmful impurities in the body, reducing joint inflammation and thereby acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. (NUROFEN PLUS)

2. Prevents Cancer: Ginger acts excellently for preventing cancer and also killing the cancer causing cells by slowing down its growth. (Tamoxifen and raloxifene)

3. Blood Pressure: Ginger acts as a blood thinner and reduces blood pressure in people instantly. (lisinopril oral)

4. Reduce Pain: Ginger helps prevent all kinds of aches such as tooth ache and it also helps cure migraines that are becoming more common each passing day. (hydrocodone-acetaminophen oral)

5. Digestion: Ginger acts as an active agent for digestion. It speeds up the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestines. By consuming ginger, one can be less prone to getting stomach pains or any other digestive problems. It clears the stomach of all impurities thereby helping the people who suffer from motion sickness. (Probiotics)

6. Arthritis: Ginger helps cure arthritis as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce swelling and inflammation in people suffering from thyroid or arthritis. (prednisone oral)

7. Lowers Cholesterol: Ginger is a great agent for reducing cholesterol as it as it helps to remove the blockages in the flow of blood vessels which could lead to heart attacks. (Niacin)

8. Cold: Ginger is one of the oldest cures for cold, nausea and flu as it has anti-viral and anti fungal properties. It cures cold and provides instant relief and also kills the bacteria that causes cold and ensures that it doesn’t return. (Coricidin)

9. Ginger juice for hair care: Ginger acts as a good conditioner to your hair; it also helps to reduce dandruff and speeds up hair growth. When ginger juice is applied to your hair, it creates irritation on your scalp which stimulates the flow of blood. (Vitamin B tabs)

10. Acne: Ginger juice when consumed helps reduce acne or pimples and it also prevents occurrence of acne in the future as it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. (isotretinoin)


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