Tofu Masala

Tofu  might seem very similar to Paneer in looks but in no way are they similar. Tofu is a type of food that is formed by coagulating soy milk (which is a type of bean) whereas, Paneer is prepared by curdling milk with food acids such as lemon juice, vinegar. I had written an earlier post on how to make Paneer Masala and this dish is somewhat similar to that. So you could always refer to that or try a mix of this and that receipe.

I am not separating the ingredients list out. Will be explaining as we proceed.

Some ginger and garlic cut into small pieces along with 2 green chillies slit in center.


2 medium sized onions sliced into small pieces.


That’s 3 tomatoes sliced into small pieces.


In a pan, you add oil and put the ginger and garlic.


To it you add the sliced onions and green chillies and allow it to saute.


Once saute, add in the tomatoes along with the masala. I have added turmeric powder, chilly powder, garam masala and salt. Mix it well.


Now to the main ingredient – tofu. Tofu comes like this, unsliced.


Slice the tofu pieces. I have done it like how I do Paneer pieces but its good to slice it into little more smaller pieces. Smaller pieces will aid in more masala absorption.


Add a bit of pepper and turmeric in a pan of oil and add the tofu to it and mix well over fire. 


By this time, the onions and tomatoes and the masala has blended very nicely.


Add the tofu pieces into the masala mixture.


Stir well and allow it to cook. Let the masala get thoroughly absorbed into the tofu pieces. There you have it – tofu masala.


Can be served with poori, roti or naan.


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