Windows Phone!

My phone My phone My phone

My only only phone.

Got myself a new phone, a Windows Phone

From that day onward, life started sucking on.

I browse on for a while, and the phone heats up

I play on for a while, and my hands numb up.

I search a lot for my favorite apps and games

Alas! they can’t be found in the Windows Stores.

I shake my head in despair left and right

Nothing seems to set my phone alright.

I try to call for help from my Windows phone

Then I come to know my Systems always Busy.

Left with no choice, I restart my phone

Only then can I relieve it off its busy schedule.

My phone My phone My phone

My only only phone.




A typical working day.

Wherever you work in Bangalore, however close your office is to your home, the morning commute is surely going to cost you at the least 45 minutes of your day. And if you stay a little far away, you might end up a loser of 2-3 hours. The main culprit to this lose of time is traffic which in turn leads to the question – who creates this traffic in the first place? The answer is obvious – it’s people like you and me trying to reach their destinations. Okay, we are not talking of traffic here.
So if you have to reach office around say 9 am and your commute time is around 1.5 to 2 hours, you wake up around 5 am and get ready, do your ironing and then eat some quick breakfast, you can’t call it breakfast, it’s just pushing food down your throat. If someone asks you later in the day what you had for breakfast, you would have to really think a while to answer what you had.
You run for the bus and get in somehow by 7.30 am. You either browse your mobile or listen to music or you sleep because you are not going to reach your destination any way sooner. Some people will start working – work from bus, work from road etc. Inch by inch crawling of the bus will make you think at the least 10 times about finding a job close by or if you had walked, I would have reached earlier. when this commute become a routine, you will have to find a good way to pass time. You know something, there are people who became novelists just by utilizing their commute time to workplace to write one.
Anyway, you somehow reach office and then you are all hungry and bowels full. Then you have your second breakfast after emptying your bellows. Now the time starts for work work work work. Oh wait, first stand up, status updates, tea, meetings, checking mails etc. And then all of a sudden, it is 12.30 pm. That’s lunch time. You move to the cafeteria, eat a heavy lunch, take a walk around the campus, do a bit chitchatting and then it’s 1.30 pm. Can we start working now? You open all your documents and get set ready to work on some pending tasks which you had planned to complete today. Someone drops by with some doubt which you can’t refuse and then you go on to help them.
By then 3 pm, let’s break for some tea. And then you are back by 3.30 to start your work. By the time you do some thing, it’s 5.30 om, time to leave for home. You do a quick pack up and run to catch your bus and a seat. And again 2-3 hours of travel to reach your destination. You basically follow the same morning routine. Your are home by around 8 pm if you are lucky, have your dinner, go to your room, do some browsing and texting. You are so tired that by 10 pm, you are on bed, thinking about what all to be completed for the next day. And then you doze off for the night.

Cathay Airways to Hongkong

I was to get on this Airbus A333 Cathay Airways flight bound to Hongkong which was to start deep in the night at around 1:30 am. So tired and restless, all I wanted was to just get on the flight and snug to sleep and nothing else. The timing of the flight was too odd and if that wasn’t enough, it was further delayed by 45 mins or so. With 1.5 hours to go and sleep dancing on my eyelids, I struggled so hard not to doze off even though I unknowingly ended up taking a nap by using my laptop bag as my portable pillow.

I virtually had nothing to do rather than looking around or maybe eavesdropping at people around me. Hearing unknown languages was no fun but the pleasure that listening to a known language offered was beyond comparison. Talking to a colleague travelling with me or rather bitching about the delay and others helped to remove the boredom to a certain part but what can you gossip about for hours and hours…

The flight was supposed to serve ‘Refreshment’ and I had picked a special meal not knowing what it was, just a trial and error method based on presumptions and prior experience stories related by previous travelers. Anyway the long wait ended and the check in message on the display screen changed to boarding. There was this long queue which looked so never ending that I many times thought to sit down and wait until the queue became small; obviously I didn’t obey my thought process.

I had this window seat booked for me even though it had virtually no purpose as the flight was at night and all you could see through the windows were diamonds sparkling in pitch dark and nothing else. It was a big flight, wide body jet not the domestic kind of. So I fasten my seat belt after shoving my laptop to the overhead cabin, of this I know very well as I had traveled previously in flights.  1

The audio and video (AV) facility was so amazing that I forgot about my sleep and all the bitching I was doing about the delay of the flight. After the usual skit conducted by the airhostesses, i started to browse through the movies, the songs, games and everything which the AV had to offer. Finally I settled in for a movie, The Fat Greek Wedding Part 2 mainly due to 2 reasons – one I had watched part 1 and two I didn’t want to experiment at night. Also I didn’t want to fall asleep when they bring in my special meal as I really wanted to have a sneak into what it was. (I didn’t know the meal was supposed to be breakfast until the movie was about to end)

Totally exhausted towards the end of the movie, I decided to take a nap as everyone around was sleeping or keeping their eyes shut. I didn’t know how to turn off the display and I was fiddling when my neighbour turned it off for me. I didn’t even say a thank you and snugged myself to sleep and I know nothing more about the flight.

Early morning came and the airhostesses were busy moving here and there. One of them came and enquired about my special food need and I felt like a person having some contagious disease who had to be segregated from the rest of the lot. This thought was further aggravated by the fact that my special food was served well in advance of all the others, I think all special food were. Then all the people around would start poking their head into your meal to check what you are eating and why no food is being served for them. Some of them from even the previous seat also turned back and were getting angry that their food was getting delayed. I felt as if I was the sole reason for their pain. Anyway I ignored all this bullshitting and started to have my delicious special meal. Then my empty plate was taken away and then the rest of the lot got something to nibble on. This time I decided to stare onto their meals, well I lost interest after a minute or so.

All cleanings done and again the drama began of the flight about to land. I had started a second movie, Tale of tales which I had to leave in between because my flight landed before my movie was over. The window did offer a very good view of Hongkong, a serene place of water bodies and mountains, justifying the statement ‘ A thing of beauty is a joy forever’.

There I was at Hongkong International Airport for the first time of my life.

The first migration stamp on my passport

Frankly speaking, I have always wanted to go abroad. I never had a well- defined destination but going abroad – the thought, that has always been in my blood and nerves. I have always felt it grow and expand like a balloon inside of me only to burst and subside after a while. But when I got my visa stamped, my first thoughts were mixed – am I gonna make it or break with it. There is this saying ‘hope for the best and be prepared for the worst’. I am a great fan of this saying, but not of the second part.

My destination – China. My knowledge about going to another country was literally nil like I knew I had to get my ticket and pack a bag and go to the airport and go through all the checking but migration check – no idea at all. So after the scanning and when handed over with the form, I was like ‘what is this for’?

Moving to the migration agent was like ‘this guy can even cancel my travel, so what if he cancels? my flight booking, my hotel reservation, all in vain’. So all queued up and my turn came and there was these butterflies in my stomach and preparing to answer, I shouldn’t stammer and forget my name. He asked name, where you are going and for what and I answered in the best way I could. Then one deep look into the passport and then at my face and then asked to face the camera and then a satisfactory nod followed by a seal on my passport – my first migration stamp.