The first migration stamp on my passport

Frankly speaking, I have always wanted to go abroad. I never had a well- defined destination but going abroad – the thought, that has always been in my blood and nerves. I have always felt it grow and expand like a balloon inside of me only to burst and subside after a while. But when I got my visa stamped, my first thoughts were mixed – am I gonna make it or break with it. There is this saying ‘hope for the best and be prepared for the worst’. I am a great fan of this saying, but not of the second part.

My destination – China. My knowledge about going to another country was literally nil like I knew I had to get my ticket and pack a bag and go to the airport and go through all the checking but migration check – no idea at all. So after the scanning and when handed over with the form, I was like ‘what is this for’?

Moving to the migration agent was like ‘this guy can even cancel my travel, so what if he cancels? my flight booking, my hotel reservation, all in vain’. So all queued up and my turn came and there was these butterflies in my stomach and preparing to answer, I shouldn’t stammer and forget my name. He asked name, where you are going and for what and I answered in the best way I could. Then one deep look into the passport and then at my face and then asked to face the camera and then a satisfactory nod followed by a seal on my passport – my first migration stamp.