It Hurts…

It hurts so bad when you are sad

Tears pour out from the eyes in bulk

You want to wipe but it doesn’t help

There’s this pain in the heart and body

You are twitching in pain as if you are going to die

You feel like dying and ending the pain for once

You think of all the bad that has happened to you

And curse yourself for having such a dreaded life

You lament again till the pain crushes your nerves

And then it creeps into your brains and swallows it up

You are tormented mentally and emotionally

And challenge yourself to abuse you physically

You think of the ways to end your fucking life

And do all the googles and searches for it

You have no solutions and you cease to think anymore

Realizing you have the worst life amongst all that you know

You have riches and comfort which many do not have

But you do not have what many others have

And that thing of importance which you lack

The thing which matters the most to you is Happiness.




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