An Interpretation of a Dot

What’s a dot? It’s something that gives space a meaning. For example, imagine we have a paper which is black and we put a dot on it. The dot has given a meaning to the blank paper, i.e.; the paper is no more blank. The blank paper has a beginning now. If you don’t write anything on the paper anymore, that point or dot can be interpreted as the ending also. In plain words, you begin writing a paper with a dot and end writing with a dot.

In a similar way, let’s extend the concept of dot to multidimensional space concept. A dot is something which makes us realize the potential of the space. It is the representation of something that is the origin and the conclusion or the alpha and the omega or the Supreme Being, God.

Women usually apply a bindi or bindhu (dot) on the area between their eyebrows to point at an invisible all-seeing third eye or wisdom center. Here the dot represents an eye same as the all-seeing eye represented by Iluminati. All major religions have one or more symbols that have a dot in combination with other symbols. For eg: the Aum symbol in Hinduism has a dot on the top of the symbol. The decorative Swastika symbol has 4 dots in it. The Ying Yang symbol has 2 dots in it. The Cross symbol has a dot at the intersection of the two perpendicular lines. A dot combined with other symbols depict more information or convey a different meaning altogether.

In short a dot can be seen everywhere and it is a very important symbol having a very deep meaning to convey.


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