Learning to Drive A Car – Day 2

It’s day 2 of Learning to Drive a Car. Same Swift, same time. The car was parked onto the sidewalks of the road. Sat on the seat and was asked to adjust the seat and the mirrors. After successful completion of the assigned tasks, was handed over the key. Put the key in, he started teaching about hand break. “Release hand break by pushing silver button”, plus ” now neutral, this is first gear, second gear, third gear, forth gear, and reverse”. “Put in first and start” I did as told and vehicle started moving.

More confident driving than yesterday. Honking, driving, left, right, straight. You know the dogs that cross the road are a menace. They just stand on the middle of the road and wait till the vehicle is just 1 mm away from them before they decide to move. This gives such a fear in mind that my mind gets filled with guilt of whether I killed a dog or not.

Went in circles and circles even though I couldn’t understand the routes well. There was a playground which we crossed thrice. I was concentrating on my long turn right which I was not too good at yesterday. This I had revised with a colleague at office to understand the technical details of how a car works scientifically.

The driver gets some calls in between when he attends them and the gaadi moves so slow that even a snail could have overtaken the gaadi. And then he decides to turn on music on his mobile. Wah reh Wah. I was smiling. In between I peeped at my watch to see the time. 1 hour goes away so fast, it was hardly some 4-5 kms.

It was time to get down. Parked towards a corner and then was told to put the hand break again. This time no need to push the silver button. Then he asked for Guru Dakshina 🙂 I was like how much is this Guru Dakshina? He said RS 500. I smiled and handed over the money, anyway who wants the curse of a Guru 🙂

So that was all from day 2.


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