Learning to Drive A Car – Day 3

Today was different, it was a totally new experience. ABC – accelerator, brake, clutch. Then gears 1 and 2. So you start vehicle in first gear, that time, you should have the clutch full down.Then you release slowly and the vehicle will start to move. Accelerate as required. Brake to slow.

It seems easy but no. There is various permutations and combinations of these 3 pedals at various times and scenarios which is pretty confusing. For eg: in a muddy road, only clutch and brake, don’t touch accelerator, vehicle will jump. In junctions, half clutch and slight brake to slow down. At this time if you apply more brake, vehicle will stop 😦

For right turn and left turn, same as above. It’s the quantity of clutch and brake that determines your driving efficiency. It takes time, a lot of time, to master it. When the speed increases, the vehicle vibrates, you shift to next gear.

The main thing what happened was just after I shift to second gear, it would be some crossing or left turn or right turn and since I wasn’t able to control the quantity of my braking, the vehicle stopped often. Again first gear and on and on.

It really felt good, better than the previous days because you feel you are at the least handling all the controls of the vehicle even though not entirely. Each of the pedals are still controlled by the driver so you don’t actually get an idea whether your efforts are enough or not. Hope that my efforts constitute the major share of what moves the car forward 🙂


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