Learning to Drive A Car – Day 4

Now it’s more practical driving than theoretical driving. Hence there is very little to explain and much to experience. Had a first hand experience of driving on a main road with fear gripping the mind that if the driver doesn’t look at what you are doing, will you go on to hit someone terribly bad, even to cause irreversible injury? It’s all too risky. You have so much control over whether to kill or let them live.

Had a new route today and it was pretty smooth throughout. Wasn’t allowed to hit the accelerator at all for the maximum span of time. Just the clutch brake mechanism. After a while it gets boring because it’s too slow that I decide to hit the accelerator and get this dialogue from the driver, ” bad road, only clutch brake control, no accelerator”. Could go up to only first and second gear. Multiple stops and starts resulting from pressing the brake too much happened. It takes quite sometime to make the theory practical, to think quickly involuntarily and I am yet to reach that stage where I can take decisions before I think about it.

The pleasure of driving is amazing, the initial stage is the toughest.


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