Learning to Drive A Car – Day 5 (flopped)

Today was great, really great. Reached the car that was parked nearby. The driver was outside the car then and the car was locked. He handed over me the key, and asked to open, felt good and I did. Tried to reach out for the seat belt but it was broken, I smiled. And then started the car with the clutch and brake and inched a little only to be caught up in a signal for 5 minutes.

After the signal that seemed to take years, turned the vehicle to the left with the indicator on, the vehicle stopped. Tried to start again. Not starting. He told to release clutch, release brake, press accelerator, nothing happened. Car not moving at all. Finally after 2-3 minutes he told “petrol kaali, tomorrow class”. I felt like laughing inside. I said okay and got out of the car.

Anyway today’s class is not counted as an official class, so renaming it as Day 5 flopped.


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