Learning to Drive A Car – Day 5

So today the actual day 5 of learning to drive a car took place. So basically we know what each thing does, what to do and not to do when a particular situation arises and the only thing left is to integrate all of them and apply as and when the situation arises.

So started the car, put on the seat belt, did a bit of reverse (the driver did it, I still have no clue how to do it on my own), then started cruising through the traffic and onto a familiar kachcha road. The most important thing to learn is the clutch and brake control for which kachcha road is the best. The driver was checking if I am bringing my leg over the accelerator. I managed to keep my legs hovering over clutch and brake alone. You know this, a fully released clutch can give you a speed of upto 15 km/hr, one of my friend told me. While on clutch and brake, I kept looking at the speedometer to check if it was true, ya and it was pretty close.

It was a bumpy ride through the un-leveled roads but was very good at cracking the ratio between the B and C. So mostly it was a ride on first gear and very scarce second gear if for some reason if we stepped on intermittent pakka roads.

It went on for an hour and it seemed pretty great.


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