Learning to Drive A Car – Day 6

The day it dawns on you that the driver is no longer interested in teaching you anything 😦 I mean he has taught you all basics and now what’s left is explore that. There is some occasional clutch brake control and slight left, slight right, other than that nothing, virtually nothing.

So drove for 8 kms today in 1 hour :O ‘that’s all?’ You might ask. C’mon if you are not allowed to even touch the accelerator and move with only clutch and brake, how much more kms can you expect to drive? And that too driving through the worst mud roads I have ever witnessed in Bangalore, you know the places where it was deep forest and was acquired at cheap rate by some big land mafia’s and getting converted to residential areas to lure the newcomers to Bangalore, ya the roads that lead to those areas are we talking about. It was essentially a torture to have today’s ride.

I feel that the 1 hour of journey is cut short by 9-10 mins these days, you know but somehow didn’t feel like complaining. Just 4 more days to go, why to pick up a fight and be cursed for life?


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