Learning to Drive A Car – Day 7

I am going to be really honest here. The day didn’t start on a pleasant note because of yesterday’s cold experience. So I started waiting from 7.50 am and then when the car didn’t turn up by 8, made a call and was asked to wait. At 8.10am the car came with a new driver 😦 I was like ‘what the hell?’

Somehow got into the car and he started speaking in our Rashtra Bhasha, I was fine with it. But it was a different driving. Do not touch accelerator at all. Even when there is no traffic, no touch. I was feeling so angry and so fucked up, wasting my time on this.

After a while on humps he started explaining points like how clutch brake works, how we can get 18km/hr speed with clutch alone, how to drive in downhill uphill with demonstration, how to get speed of 5km/hr and all. That was interesting.

After that we learnt about reversing the car and did it 3-4 times. I felt happy to understand something and then do it. Then was taught about half clutch, full clutch and brake. So full clutch and brake applied, release to half clutch, listen for vibration and then release brake, move 10 feet forward, release full clutch. Then to maintain 1.5 feet from the corner of the road while driving.

One hour completed and said a thanks and got out.


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