Learning to Drive A Car – Day 8

Well, it started at 8.05 and ended at 8.50. What big deal, you might ask? Well it’s a big deal. Of the promised 1 hour, I lost 15 valuable minutes 😦 It was the first driver who hardly have any interest in teaching anymore. You know full time, he is busy on the phone talking this and that.

With the knowledge of last day, I started the car and went on smoothly. Was careful with the halves and the fulls. Car stopped only once or twice in between, that too due to negligence of driver, as he was busy on phone, he forgets to tell right or left turn. He would be so immersed in the call that until it’s time to change direction, he won’t tell. I basically like to plan well in advance when to turn and by how much, so that caused the car to turn off automatically.

First and second gear day with first half on second gear area even though the speed hardly crossed 20 kmph or the speedometer with accelerator. Second half was on the first gear with speed of 20 kmph with no accelerator. Took one time reverse (I still haven’t grasped the concept of reverse) and then took one beautiful U-turn.

It was hardly 8 kms in all for the day. Things left to learn include how to reverse and how to park the car properly. 2 more days to go…


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