Learning to Drive A Car – Day 9

The penultimate day of driving. It lasted 50 minutes. Nothing new. First and second gear. It was all about clutch brake maintain. I was able to cruise with minimal guidance on steering but am least sure of the clutch brake controls.

All through the drive, the driver was getting calls from the owner telling he didn’t pick another person at the same time, then he was explaining he called and it was out of reach and then he called that person and that person told he waited. Too much story leading to lack of concentration.

1 U turn, 1 reverse was done.

I just don’t know if this is all they teach in any driving school or is it just at this place. It’s like taking for the drive just to finish the hours. What’s the satisfaction that the driver gets? The satisfaction for imparting knowledge? I don’t think so. The satisfaction of having got all the money? Definitely yes!


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