Learning to Drive A Car – Day 10

Oh finally the final day. How I wished it just ended.

Started, moved into traffic, spend 15 minutes in there. In that 3-4 times the car stopped. With this knowledge level, am I confident to take a car out? A big NO. Am I confident? Another big NO. Totally disappointed by the training offered.

I am actually wondering if all driving classes are taken in a similar fashion by other driving schools. See I mentioned another driver who taught well in one day. Am very thankful to that guy.

Maybe I had a wrong driver to teach. Imparting knowledge is an art. Only some can do it. The one who taught me certainly couldn’t.

I don’t know when is the next time I would lay hands on a car and improvise my meager learning. Anyway looking ahead for the opportunity.

Verdict: I wouldn’t recommend this driver to anyone.


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