Purpose of My Life!

Get disturbed from my sleeps in the wake of morns
By the sound of my alarm buzzing and vehicle horns
With a grumby face and two half open eyes
I place my shaky lazy legs on the room floor
Wondering if this is ‘the Purpose of My Life’

Follow the custom to clean my bowels
Brush and Paste rubbed all over the teeth
Face wash, scrub and cold water all over my face
Tidy the hair and massage with coconut oil
I look into the mirror and ask ‘Is this the purpose of My Life?’

Toast up the bread and the egg into a bull’s eye
If there is no time, just add milk into the cornflakes
Gulp it all down while reading the news
Well I have no time to enjoy the taste or concentrate
With a thought in my mind, ‘Is this the purpose of My Life?’

Pick the first matching paired clothes from the clothes heap
Iron it up and finish your bath in a quicky
No time to enjoy the water droplets on your body
Just wipe it clean with a damp towel
Put on the clothes and think, ‘Is this the purpose of My Life?’

The sprays and creams, balms and moisturisers
All are applied in under 5 minutes due to routine
No time to admire your face or body
And to check if you put on weight or lost some
Rush rush to the roads wondering, ‘ What is the purpose of My Life?’

Traverse through the myriad of traffic and pollution
With a heavy laptop on shoulders and moving like a snail
Reach the office parking lot and keep waiting for the lift
It takes 10 minutes more to reach the cubicle
Think in the lift, ‘ Is this the purpose of My Life?’

Say a number of hi’s to strangers sitting around
I hardly know them for their fame but not name
Rush for the Coffee machine to keep me awake
Click here, type there, send some mails and spread gossips
Well, this seems like ‘ the purpose of My Life!’

Lunchtime almost so go out with strangers
Talk and gossip on world issues that hardly matter
Heavy stomach sleepy, sip some more coffee
Type something, click somewhere, go for meetings
This is exactly, ‘ the purpose of My Life!’

Start for home in the late evenings to support again
Stretch and work is the motto of life
Order food, eat while attending meetings
Talk with family for hardly a minute
I am so busy, ‘this is the purpose of My Life!’

So exhausted, decide to sleep, watch a series or two
It’s close to midnight, my eyes are already shut
Drag myself to bed and cover myself up
The day has come to a close to begin the circle again
It’s fate, I should follow ‘ the purpose of My Life!’


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