I Love Gardening!

Once upon a time, during my schooling years, I had this English assignment wherein I had to write what my hobby was. First of all I didn’t know what a hobby was. And then when I did know what it was, I understood I didn’t have one. I neither took dance lessons nor did I know to sing. The only thing I used to do was read books but that didn’t seem like a cool hobby for me. So I decided to create a hobby for me which was Gardening!

The first sentence in my assignment was ‘I Love Gardening!’ and after that there was nothing. I was clueless what to fill. Even though I had a garden right in front of my house, I never bothered to play with mud or plant a sapling. I used to water the already planted ones once in a while. I was not keen on planting or giving life to a plant and that sort. Basically I never liked the idea of getting my hands dirty, if you know what I mean.

Well years passed and I got a lucky bamboo craze. A small plant that required only water and no mud to grow, it conquered my mind. I cared for my lucky bamboo. I gifted lucky bamboo to my friends. I took a few to my office. I tended and grew a very good lucky bamboo. I spoke to it, watered it, cleaned it and it grew big that people started getting jealous. I even carried my lucky bamboo on a flight. The security at KIAL mistook my lucky bamboo for a money plant. He said, ” Money plant, eh! If you keep money plant at home, money will increase at home”. I nodded my head and smiled and thought in my head, ‘ Let it be a money plant for him’.

So coming back to my gardening instincts, I really felt the urge to plant something, nurture greenery, be responsible to reduce pollution etc. Having a large terrace and open space kind of sparked my creativity. So I decided to do something about it, after all, Gardening is my first and only known hobby!

So I got some pots ( 6 of them) from Big Basket kept it for a month not knowing what to do. After a month, the pots started getting dusty 🙂 I felt bad, decided I can’t be this lazy. The next problem was getting some soil. I bought some potting material (5 kg for 100 Rs) again from Big Basket. I don’t like to go out to shop for soil and stuff partly due to language barriers and partly due to laziness.

Well the day has finally come where I decided to plant some seeds. I did have some seeds from a very long back (didn’t I mention gardening is my hobby? Oh yes! I did), I do not know what plant those seeds will grow into. So this early morning, I took my pots into the terrace, opened the potting material, put some into the pots, watered them and put the unknown (Mr. X) seeds, 2 each, into each of the pots, put some more soil above it, sprinkled some more water. A picture of my  potted plants for validity purposes is shown below:


I just decided to pursue my first hobby for a while 🙂

P.S. A quick update on the current status of the plants:


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