Day Out at Pyramid Valley

You are in Bangalore spending your weekends watching television or browsing things just to while away your time. You have no idea how to end your weekend or to make it productive. Big planned group getaways ends in vain. You have no car or a bike, so travelling long distances is a nightmare to you. That’s when you start googling ‘ places to visit within Bangalore’ and on one such search, ‘ Pyramid Valley‘ pops up.


Origin: Majestic bus stand

Destination: Pyramid Valley

I read in a couple of blogs about a direct bus (KBS-5H) from Majestic to Pyramid Valley whose timings was supposedly every half hour. So I waited close to an hour at platform number 11a for the so called bus that never arrived. Then after enquiring with some conductors, I decided to board the bus to Banashankari and then proceed further. By the time, I got on the bus, it was 11 am. I should say, ‘ please start early’. With a hell lot of traffic, travelling in bus can be very exhaustive. Reached Banashankari after a very very long time. It’s 19 rs point, ended up losing 1 re.It was sweating hot. Only some snacks and water made the journey bearable. From Banashankari, boarded the KSRTC bus to Harohalli. It’s 40 rs point. I asked the conductor to let me know when my stop comes. Anyway I noticed Metro lines operational at Banashankari. I have never been to this part before, so I decided I will return by metro.

The travel was a bumpy ride with lesser and lesser traffic as we proceeded. It was like a countryside with tall apartments. I counted a building with 20 floors. On the way, there were many lakes all filled with water to the brim. After a long while, the conductor asked me to come to the door and get down. Saw the arrow to Pyramid Valley. Now it’s almost a km inside. Time: 1:30 pm. Need to rush for the free lunch. Literally ran inside. On both sides of the road, were small huts and shops that reminds of a rural village, cow dung on the way, grazing cows, dogs, hen and its chicken, goat, ladies washing clothes by beating it on stone, a high chimney giving out black smoke etc. Many cars passed my side moving to the valley. A temple on the way plus a lotus pond in the valley were refreshing.

You need to sign at the entrance and then you can move in. Rushed for the lunch. It was written you need to take coupons for lunch but since it was 1.45 pm, I didn’t take any coupon. They allowed me for lunch. There was pickle, ridge gourd curry, sambhar and buttermilk as accompaniments for rice. The food was good, decent. Pyramid valley promotes vegetarianism. Anna dhanam or free lunch is provided to all who visit the Pyramid.

I had to answer nature’s call so enquired and found a loo near the vegetarian canteen where you have to pay for food. Filled clean drinking water and started walking to the Pyramid. There were lot of people, mostly couples enjoying the scenic beauty of the surrounding. Lush green grass and coconut trees lined on both sides were amazing.

You are not allowed to take pictures inside the pyramid. Leave your shoes outside and switch off the mobile. You have to meditate for minimum 30 minutes before you proceed to King’s chamber. So you can sit on chairs on or floor on meditation chair. I sat on one like this. It was pretty comfortable even though it was hot inside the pyramid.

It was very silent inside except for occasional whispers. After meditating for a while, I climbed the spiral steps to reach the King’s chamber. Now this is the place which is said to have more concentrated energy as it is situated at 1/3rd the height of the pyramid. They have table fans installed. Without it, I think people would literally burn to death in there. There were people who were sleeping and snoring as an end stage of meditation. These people were woken up and asked to leave. I spend some time there meditating. It was really difficult to control one’s own mind. When people were climbing up, you could feel the place you were sitting shaking as if there was an earthquake.

After climbing down, took the steps to the right. After coming out, there is a shop where you could buy a lot of things. There were pyramid models, books of Osho, Meditation books, pure herbal products, ornaments, pictures, herbal juice, soaps, salts, repellents, cleaners, air freshners and what not. Most of the cosmetic products are from VitroNaturals. I bought a few stuffs but now I regret I could have bought more as the prices there are cheaper compared to that online.

There is a wooden bridge that connects pyramid to cafeteria.

Had a cool lassi at the cafeteria, filled the water bottle and started walking around. There were some dhyana pyramids were you could meditate night and day, a trekking path to Tapasthali, a statue of Gandhiji and Buddha in meditation. There was also a trodden path to a Muruga temple. Anyway since it was getting late and had started to drizzle, started walking back to the main road. No need to sign again on way out.

From Pyramid Valley

Origin: Pyramid Valley

Destination: Home

On the road, got the bus within a minute, a bus bound to Banashankari, 40rs. Stood for major distance of the route, got down at Banashankari, boarded a Metro as planned. Was at my destination in half an hour.

So my suggestion is make use of the Metro, it saves a lot of time and frustration.

My verdict of Pyramid Valley: I will visit again and buy some more natural products.



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