Indian Mackerel / Aiyla Meen Fry

I am usually clueless about fish. I do not know which is a good fish to fry and which a good one make a curry of. So I ask the experts, the shop keepers, to suggest me a good fish. I am more of a fish fry person than a fish curry person.

At the shop, since I don’t want to look awfully stupid, I proceed like this. I point at any fish and ask if it is a good fish to be fried. Then the shopkeeper points at a different fish and says ‘this is a better fish’. Task completed. I get a fish that can be fried.

So this time, the shopkeeper pointed out the Indian Mackerel to me.The Indian Mackerel looks awesome. See for yourselves. I got 3 of them to fry.

Even though, fish is born and brought up in waters, they need to be again put in water and cleaned. I don’t like to keep the head, so I cut them off. Clean the inside of the fish well, remove all traces of black colour and wash them multiple times with salt till the water being drained is void of blood stains.

Next step is optional, you can cut the fish into pieces or leave it as whole. I am cutting each fish into 3 pieces each. The intended use of this fish fry is to serve as an accompaniment for my lunch and my lunch box is small that it can’t accommodate a long fish.

Now is the masala time. Masala is what is going to determine how your fish is going to taste, it could range from being super yummy to super awful. I am adding salt, chilly powder, fish masala, garam masala and a very little vinegar. You can add or remove ingredients as per your choice.

You need to apply this masala thoroughly on the fish flesh with hands and leave it for sometime to marinate.

Now after 10-15 minutes, let us get the pan ready for frying the fish. I am using coconut oil for this. You could use any other oil. Heat a pan, add oil and then add the fish slices into the oil. Ensure that no fish slice is above another fish.

Once one side is fried, you need to turn the fish pieces and fry the other side. Remove the fish from the fire and serve hot. I prefer mackerel fish fry with rice. This is the final product of the process above.


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