Tossed Mushroom

I feel it absolutely unethical to not include such a delicious dish in a post. This recipe is already doing its rounds of being famous on its own ever since it has already been mentioned about in another post – Mushroom fight!

For this dish, you require button mushrooms. I am using close to 100 grams of button mushroom.


You need to clean the mushrooms first. 2 ways of doing it. One is use water – ensure the entire water is drained off properly from inside mushrooms after washing. Two is wipe it thoroughly using a damp cloth.

Into a frying pan, add some ghee/oil. Add the mushrooms along with some salt and freshly grounded pepper. Allow it to cook in medium flame. Keep stirring constantly. You can alternatively keep it covered for a while.

Once an awesome aroma starts coming, or when you feel mushrooms are cooked properly, you need to add some tomatoes and capsicum, diced. I have used one half tomato and one half capsicum, The main reason why I added this is to increase quantity.

The capsicum pieces and the tomato pieces starts to blend with the mushrooms. Now one last step. You can skip this if you don’t want to add any sauce. Add a bit of sweet chilly garlic sauce and toss it well with the mushrooms.


Mouthwatering tossed mushrooms are ready to gulp.


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