Sausage Roll/ Wrap

I do cook on all weekdays but when weekends comes, I tend to be so lazy that I am hesitant to even get up from my bed forget entering the kitchen. My stomach doesn’t agree with my laziness and insists on being provided with food by growling out loud. There are 2 options at this juncture: 1. Order food 2. Make something under 5 minutes. I picked option 2 as ordered food for a long time hasn’t satisfied my sophisticated palate.

Enter the kitchen and add some oil/ ghee into a frying pan. Place 2 sausages into it. Since you have taken it directly from the freezer, there’s high chance that oil would start to splutter, so keep the frying pan covered. Turn the sausages around and see that they are cooked well.

Take a ready to fry chapathi and fry it on both sides in the same frying pan. Don’t cook for long, else it will harden up and start to break up.

Place cheese slices/ strips over the chapathi. Keep it along the diameter of the chapathi.

Place the sausage over the cheese strips.

Now I am going to add some sweet chilly garlic sauce over the sausages. You could add any sauce of your choice.

Next step is to make a roll out of it. Fold from bottom first. Then from the sides. Your delicious sausage roll is ready to be eaten.Serve hot.


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