Making my first Waffles

Do you know what a waffle is? Seriously I am yearning to hear a NO. It’s a breakfast dish that originated in France but eaten all over the world. But I had no fucking clue about it all these many years. I didn’t know how a Waffle tasted like until today; I didn’t even know what a Waffle was until yesterday. Am I dumb? Am I so ignorant about the world? Holy crap! So for the uninitiated like me, a waffle is a dish made from leavened batter or dough that is cooked between two plates of a Waffle iron and the dish has a peculiar honey comb pattern. The waffle iron looks something like this.

Cuisinart® Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

Let me explain my first waffle making experience, this is hilarious. I had seen this Waffle iron placed at a corner of the pantry and being used by one or two people before. I had seen a woman pouring something onto the pan and I thought she is making a bull’s eye or something. Anyway I didn’t want to make a bull’s eye when an omelette is readily available, so I didn’t give it much importance.

When someone at office asked me whether I have tried a waffle, I was baffled, I didn’t even know what it was to say I like it or I don’t like it. When I was assured that waffle would be there in my pantry, I went to the corner of the pantry where I had seen the lady earlier. Well, this was yesterday. I went close to the waffle iron and started reading the instructions written on it. The instructions were pretty basic, anyone could follow it. 1) Pour the batter on the iron 2) Close and Flip it 3) When beeping sound is heard, flip and open. Well that’s it, very simple. I was hesitant to even give it a try. I waited a while hoping that someone nice would turn up and ask me ‘ do you need a help’ or something but no one did, so I cleared off the place.

Back in my room, I started watching YouTube on how to make this waffle, what this waffle is etc. For some strange reasons I still cannot explain, I feel waffles have a strong resemblance to rose cookies that have their origins in India and which also happens to be my favorite sweet dish. Anyway, after watching a couple of times, I gathered courage to give waffle a try.

Today is my waffle creativity day. So there is this vending machine kind of thing that has 2 taps and a ‘push’ adjacent to it. It is from this that the batter comes out. There were 2 variants – one is original and the other blueberry. I decided to make blueberry waffles. I took a small cup which was kept adjacent and filled it with blue berry batter. Opened the waffle iron and poured it in. A sizzling sound started coming. The iron was really hot. I followed the instructions and did the flipping. Now am waiting for the beep sound. I didn’t know how long I had to wait. I started getting impatient and worried and panicky, what if I have done it wrong? what if it burns out and starts to burn the entire place down? What ifs filled my head when a continuous beeping sound alerted me. I flipped as instructed and opened the lid. Using a spatula, I removed my first ever waffle from the hot iron to a serving dish.

Well here it is, my first blueberry waffle, not bad I guess. My first taste experience, it tastes pretty good, it was soft, I think it might become more crispier if I use more dough, I am not quite sure though but I would definitely want to improve on the shape of it. The dough needs to be spread a bit more to cover the entire mold surface.


I went on to make a waffle out of the original too,  I guess I have improved a bit with my second waffle.


The small squares you see, they can be filled with honey or butter or fruit or any toppings of your choice.


6 thoughts on “Making my first Waffles

  1. What an adventure! Your waffles look delicious and perfect! By the way, I didn’t know what was a bull’s eye until I read this post and by looking at google images I am not sure I got it either… so many unknown food options to explore! Hahah


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