The journey continues.

Such a confusing airport, am talking about CDG now. So many flights, so much to walk. Climate was chill. I regretted not wearing a jacket. To board the flight DL 141 to MSP (Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport) operated by Delta, I had to go to a different Gate. The flight takes off at 10:20 am (local time) to reach MSP at 1:05 pm (local time). Someone read and told the gate is L and so like a goat following the master, I decided to go to gate L. It is required to take a train to different gates. I reached near the train and boarded it. It stops only for a certain time, beeps and then door shuts. Similarly to open.

When I reached gate L, they scanned my ticket and said “no, gate M”. I was so frustrated with so less time left. I didn’t even get time to look around and see Paris airport or the shops. I didn’t even eat anything at the airport. Again boarded train and reached and completed scan. Too much stress and strain. On top of that, no network coverage, so no way to communicate my whereabouts to people back home. Luckily used the free wifi to send a message. Advantages of free wifi 🙂

The only picture I have of CDG is this. See the clouds, feel the freshness…


I just paused in front of the boarding counter where again I was asked some basic questions of where I am going, how many days etc. Then had to swipe the boarding pass in a machine which didn’t allow me, so had to be manually checked in the system. I noticed the machine didn’t allow anyone who didn’t possess US or Canada passport, so much of partiality 🙂

In this flight, I had a middle seat. Seating on delta is 3-3-3. Headphones were provided and I started watching movies. Once in the air, food was being served. My HNML sucked. There was no non veg, just veg sandwiches and stuff. I was irritated. Then and there I decided, no more selecting HNML.


Meals were pathetic. Atleast the drinks will be better, I thought. I gathered all courage and asked for a glass of red wine. A whole glass was served. First sip and I knew ‘this is not what I asked for’. The wines I had tasted, barely once or twice, were sweet. This was so bitter and so strong. Since I didn’t want to waste it, I started gulping the black liquid down my throat. It went inside with a burning sensation down my food pipe. I started feeling heavy head and that I was floating. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, forget the movie. When next meal was served, I couldn’t even understand how to open the package. My first black drink on the Delta truly sucked.

I tried to sleep, no use. Then the air hostess passed again and I asked for a cup of coffee. ‘Coffee should help go off the hangover of wine’, I thought. Well I was wrong. The dark roasted coffee without an iota of sweetening or milk made me nauseous. I felt like I would throw up any moment. I tried to sleep again and again covering my eyes, adjusting the blanket and the pillows etc. The second black drink also sucked.

When the air hostess passed again, I asked for a well known drink. I didn’t want to take risks again at all. ‘A glass of coke please’. I sipped and to my dismay, it didn’t taste anywhere near to the coke I knew. It was horrible and terrible. I felt Terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied. My third and last black drink aboard Delta sucked.

After a long uneventful flight, landed at MSP, my first time in the United States of America.


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